Autumn - grape stories -

Show Window

Symbols and metaphors of fertility and abundance in their luxuriant clusters and flavors redolent of harvest season, grapes betoken riches not just in color and taste, but in the various harmonious tales and fables, like Aesop’s The Fox and the Grapes, in which they appear. Here, this well-known story is presented as a microcosm within a single grape, in world-within-a-grain-of-sand fashion. In a second window, a humorous presentation of grapes rolling in haphazard straggling assembly evokes The Golden Goose, the Brothers Grimm story. This procession of grapes recalls the series of figures, one after another, stuck fast to the goose in the classic story.
We hope you’ll enjoy the stories these two windows tell.

Art director: Yasuko Sato

フロア: B2F

開催場所: ショーウィンドウ

開催期間: 2020.09.04- 2020.11.08


2020.09.10 UP