Early Spring: Gumminication

Show Window

We live in an age of heterogeneity. With smartphones funneling the world to us in ways tailored to personal preoccupations, our interests and ways of thinking are diversifying, even among people of the same generation.

Real communication, however, requires points of contact.

We need therefore things that help conversation flow and create a sense of fellowship, which is why gummy candy has become popular among young people, as it does just this. Enjoying gummies together and sharing them—socializing in this way has been dubbed gumminication.

Gummies are colorful, translucent, and above all, wonderfully squishy, with a jiggly texture not found in any other food.

Gummy candy can also be formed into practically any shape—all it takes is a touch of whimsical creativity. People instinctively see the fun in this, which is perhaps why this candy has such appeal and potential as a tool for communication.

For this season, our art windows, which continue to pursue communication through food, draw inspiration from gummy candy and their elasticity. Symbolizing the active culture of the younger generation, they present gummy collages featuring a skateboard and a sneaker, which themselves express individuality. The result is a bright, fun, colorful and dynamic space with a sense of whimsy that is immediately palpable.

Yasuko Sato, Art Director

フロア: B2F

開催場所: ショーウィンドウ

開催期間: 2023.04.06- 2023.06.15


2023.04.06 UP