Christmas ”Warmest wishes”

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We’ve created a story that combines foods that suggest the warmth found in the phrase warmest wishes—the warmth, gentleness, and ardor.

Offering one’s warmest wishes connects in some way with an invisible force that brings happiness. When many people offer their warmest wishes, this warm, gentle force has the power to fully embrace us.

The apparition of the long white fur symbolizes an abiding presence that isn’t easily explained. The hulking creature guards a tray, on which cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows rest, on which, in turn, sister worker ants skate around without a care, enjoying a spree amid winter’s otherwise distasteful cold.

When we hope to make someone else happy and try to picture their happiness, this wish is a sparkling moment. The joy of both people generates a spark of light and warmth that embraces all those in the vicinity.

In the other window, a hen broods a clutch of chocolate eggs held in the palm of a much larger being, gleaming in gold. Pondering how to make another person happy—the idea of bringing joy to someone else—itself generates warmth. And, perhaps, in this way, gifts in this season come to emerge from melting eggs.

Traditional events in cultures around the world, occasions where wishes are offered for the happiness of others, often embody a sense of regard and respect for an unseen being or presence—a striving to invoke a force that transcends humanity. It is precisely because such a presence or beings are so mysterious and beyond our comprehension that we are able to appreciate the precious experience of and gratitude for happiness, and to wish the same for others.

Our warmest wishes this Christmas, then, for the happiness of all, no matter where in the world you may be.

Yasuko Sato
Art Director

フロア: B2F

開催場所: ショーウィンドウ

開催期間: 2022.12.07- 2022.12.25


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