Early Spring「Food messages」

Show Window

The gift season from early spring to spring is nearly upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to give food as a gift. This floor is stocked with a wide assortment of foods, from the assured flavors of famous, uncompromising establishments to new flavors brimming with creativity to flavors suggesting gentle abundance, easy on both the body and environment—there’s a gift here to satisfy the whims of any gift giver. Food given as a gift acts like a messenger, delivering goodwill all the way to the stomach of the recipient.

Food is the energy and cells in our body; it encourages strength, provides a boost when we’re tired, and cares for and protects us. Based on the life-sustaining benefits we receive from food each and every day, playfully imagining what food might have to say in its place, this display features messages on omelets and toast for breakfast, expressed via a typewriter.

Yasuko Sato
Art Director

開催期間: 2021.12.26- 2022.03.31


2021.12.27 UP